these are things that don't fit into any job or project category but we want to be able to either link to or turn into little projects of their own that we can use to talk about - instead of just having it be something you have to hunt for.
map. there's something to this multiple zoom level that could taken further than the simple parallax experiments that are all around.
studio. could be something here - even more if there were more images.
words. perhaps work this into the new stamen site? with the images through the letters instead of the other way around.
archinect. dane's template - what else? no one can see this thing now
brain. stop motion animation & color iteration
burningman2002. associating comments with images - this could be done much better
circl. rotation and semi-3d spaces. also could have much more to it
circl_09a. more rotation. circular spaces
colorstrip. color in relation to space
creativereview. time/space relation. this is the first flash5 study - was going to be about date - this could be made alot cleaner code-wise
drag. towards what Mike said about the new stamen not feeling integrated enough
drag.gnarled. we used to have skulls and lushness everywhere - what happened?