urban data stories.

This project is an investigation into the interplay of data, interactivity and narrative in an urban environment. It takes as its focus the corner of 16th and Mission Streets in San Francisco.

Live data from the NextBus system, which tracks realtime bus schedules in San Francisco and other cities, is read into this interface every thirty seconds. The size of the orange and green arrows indicates how long it will be before the next bus arrives at the two stations visible on the map. When new data is received, the arrows change size, and a deep tone is heard.

The image nodes on the map serve as gateways to interactive narratives constructed from fragments of the urban environment. Depending on the state of the bus system at any given moment, the narratives interrelate to a variety of degrees with the map framework.

This is a continually changing project, with new pieces being added sporadically as this fascinating intersection shifts and alters. Sign up for the mailing list to be notified as this site changes.

Alon Salant wrote the code to parse the NextBus data. Cassidy Curtis and Sam Trychin helped in figuring out the automated scaling and rotation of the main map. Chris Cummings composed the sound.

This project has been realized by stamen design.